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This will be by beautiful website! Ain't it pretty.
I think it should be a space for me to put things. It will have landing pages for getting a job, for getting freelance work, for current projects, a blog, and random ideas I have.

First and foremost I need to decide who will use it. Primarily me. 10-20ish minutes.

Then I can look for inspiration. 10-20 minutes.

Have fun and experiment!

Then I'll collect some fonts, images, etc. 10-20 minutes.

Then I can make some sketches to work out flows, IA, and what content will go where. 1 hour-ish. Then I'll start on the site.

ONE THING AT A TIME!! Blog page, then portfolio, etc. Pick a theme and stick with it. Liquid space sounds cool.

Give users the control to adjust the number of words, images, explanations, interactions, etc. maybe provide video and audio as well? Give users control!

Focus on evolution, change, & process. Reflect the process through the layout. The beginning should be sparce and empty. Then it should get busy and confused. The goal becomes research, the research becomes sketches, the sketches become a finished product.

My quirky brand thing could be interactivity and scroll effects. A control panel.

Focus on colors and fonts. No flashy images.

OOO what if the theme was laboratory! That fits nicely with making websites. I can use some funky flowing neon colors and try to make them look like liquids.

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